• Wallboard ENews 6th December 2019
    Wallboard ENews 6th December 2019
    Catch up on the latest Wallboard Tools news Renew your ENEWS Subscription and WIN SkyStrider Stilts Newest Products – Wallboard tools 2019 >> Catch up here...
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  • Expect nothing less than a superior finish with Wallboard Super Mesh
    Expect nothing less than a superior finish with Wallboard Super Mesh
    Ever wonder what all the fuss is about when you hear people talking about Wallboard Super Mesh? Why it has grown in popularity becoming a Wallboard Tools favourite. Let’s have a look. What features are Wallboard Super Mesh sporting? Made from tough aluminium oxide grain with resin...
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  • Trim-Tex Case Study
    Trim-Tex Case Study
    Jewel Towers GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND Construction of the Jewel Towers is complete on the beach shores of The Gold Coast. Wanda Group and Ridong Group joined together as the two developers in this $1 billion venture of the three towers. Two towers will serve as residence towers...
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  • Tapepro Flat Box Reducer Plates
    Tapepro Flat Box Reducer Plates
    Start to Finish with one Flat Box In 2011, the RP-200 Tapepro Reducer Plate (200mm to 140mm) was introduced. It has been such a huge success, three additional reducer plates are available. Tapepro Reducer Plates are manufactured from durable high grade stainless steel, and fit easily to all...
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  • Trim-Tex JUMBO Corner Bead - COMING SOON
    Trim-Tex JUMBO Corner Bead – COMING SOON
    Need extra tough corner beads? Want to cover up poor framing or sheeting work? Trim-Tex Jumbo Corner Beads could be the answer Jumbo Corner Beads have the original corner bead design featuring a slight radius on the nose. The mud legs are extra wide at 45mm and...
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  • Trim-Tex Oversized Tear Away L Bead - COMING SOON
    Trim-Tex Oversized Tear Away L Bead – COMING SOON
    Caught Short? Trim-Tex to the rescue! What’s your go-to solution for sheets running short when butting into window reveals or different substrates? Trim-Tex’s Oversized Tear Away L Bead has an extended mud leg that’s capable of spanning wide gaps that would normally require a much longer process...
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  • Telpro is Back
    Telpro is Back
    The Telpro Panellift is back at Wallboard Tools and we’ve extended the Telpro range to include the multi purpose Telpro Material Cart. The Telpro Panellift is one of the industry’s leading brands when it comes to lifting plasterboard sheets. It assembles in seconds with no tools required...
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  • "NEW" Tapepro             150mm Versatile Flat Box
    “NEW” Tapepro 150mm Versatile Flat Box
    The T-150 Tapepro Flat Box can be used for taping coats, coating beads or as a wider screw spotter. The wheels are inside the track of the blade making it easy to stay on the bead or No-Coat style tapes when running on either internals or external...
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  • Introducing the Adjustable T-Square to Wallboard Tools
    Introducing the Adjustable T-Square to Wallboard Tools
    The calibrated blade is printed with easy to read metric measurements and is marked at 30, 45, 60 and 75 degree angles making it fully adjustable to any angle. With a hard wearing aluminium finish the head and blade lock together to form a perfect 90° angle....
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  • Talking Tapepro with Newcoast Plastering's Mat Simmington
    Talking Tapepro with Newcoast Plastering’s Mat Simmington
    Returning to his plastering trade after 10 years and needing to re-stock his tool case with automatic taping tools, Mat from Newcoast Plastering in Newcastle told us “the choice was easy and seemed smart to choose Tapepro”. He used recommendations from many other plasterers, the fact that...
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  • Tapepro "Always Evolving"
    Tapepro “Always Evolving”
    In 1974 Premier Drywall Tools was based in California USA, founded by Robert Ames, Stan Ames and Carl Raff. They started manufacturing automatic taping tools that became known in the industry as “Blue Tools”. After having worked with the Ames brothers for many years, Grahame Orchard the...
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  • Trim-Tex Training Centre Visit
    Trim-Tex Training Centre Visit
    Recently our Account Managers Andrew & Jason travelled over to Lincolnwood, Chicago to the Trim-Tex Training Centre. They were given a warm welcome and a tour of the training centre, as well as the surrounding area for the week by the friendly Trim-Tex Staff. This experience has...
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  • Trim-Tex Angle Master from Wallboard Tools
    Feedback on Trim-Tex Angle Master
    Trim-Tex Angle Master is a PVC Corner Tape specifically designed for creating off-angles and finishing long runs without joins. Angle Master is hinged in the middle enabling it to create any angle imaginable while producing clean, straight lines. It’s supplied on a 30.5m roll and is 82mm...
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  • Wallboard Tools new look access panels
    A new look for Wallboard Tools Access Panels
    If you’ve recently ordered a Wallboard Tools Access Panel – you may have noticed a few things have changed. Don’t worry though – the quality and specifications of the panels have remained at the same, high standard. Wallboard’s Access Panels are transitioning to fresh packaging that really...
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  • Wallboard Tools: Proudly supporting the Endeavour Foundation
    Proudly supporting the Endeavour Foundation
    Wallboard Tools is a proud supporter of the Endeavour Foundation. The Endeavour Foundation is an independent organisation founded in 1951; driven to assist people with disabilities, to live a more fulfilling life and turn their possibilities into reality. Today the Endeavour Foundation is a community based organisation with...
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  • Flat Tear Away L Bead from Trim-Tex - a Stopping Bead with a difference
    Getting legless with Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away Bead
    Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ Bead is not your average stopping bead. Unlike regular L Beads, Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ Bead has no return leg – making it the perfect solution for areas where a return cannot be slipped behind the plasterboard. Flat Tear Away™ Bead creates a finished...
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  • Super Mesh premium hook and loop backed abrasives from Wallboard Tools
    Sand stronger for longer with Wallboard Super Mesh
    Super Mesh is a high performance, 225mm in diameter hook and loop backed abrasive product. Since it’s release in 2008 Super Mesh has grown in popularity becoming a Wallboard Tools favourite. Why has Super Mesh become so popular? Super Mesh is packed full of advancements that allow you...
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  • The new Barracuda Cutting Knife
    The new Barracuda Cutting Knife
    The Barracuda Cutting Knife has landed at Wallboard Tools. Wallboard’s fixed blade Barracuda knife is tough and lightweight. The shape of the knife has been specially crafted to reduce fatigue and fit comfortably in the hand. The knife features an “overlap nose” design that keeps the blade...
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  • FTA not JUST for Flat Tear Away Bead
    FTA not JUST for Flat Tear Away Bead
    The FTA Mud Head from Tapepro was released a little over 4 years ago. It was designed to snap onto the Compound Applicator Tube and apply a single line of compound for the application of Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead. But if that’s all you think...
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  • The Tapepro 600mm Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T24)
    Small yet mighty – the 600mm Compound Applicator Tube
    The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube is arguably the most versatile taping tool of all time. There are 10 different mud heads and nozzles available for the Compound Applicator that allow it to complete a range of tasks from applying compound to internal corners to laying ribbons of...
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