• Talking Tapepro with Newcoast Plastering's Mat Simmington
    Talking Tapepro with Newcoast Plastering’s Mat Simmington
    Returning to his plastering trade after 10 years and needing to re-stock his tool case with automatic taping tools, Mat from Newcoast Plastering in Newcastle told us “the choice was easy and seemed smart to choose Tapepro”. He used recommendations from many other plasterers, the fact that...
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  • Tapepro "Always Evolving"
    Tapepro “Always Evolving”
    In 1974 Premier Drywall Tools was based in California USA, founded by Robert Ames, Stan Ames and Carl Raff. They started manufacturing automatic taping tools that became known in the industry as “Blue Tools”. After having worked with the Ames brothers for many years, Grahame Orchard the...
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  • Trim-Tex Training Centre Visit
    Trim-Tex Training Centre Visit
    Recently our Account Managers Andrew & Jason travelled over to Lincolnwood, Chicago to the Trim-Tex Training Centre. They were given a warm welcome and a tour of the training centre, as well as the surrounding area for the week by the friendly Trim-Tex Staff. This experience has...
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  • Wallboard Tools 2018 Product Catalogue & New Products
    Wallboard Tools 2018 Product Catalogue & New Products
    Wallboard Tools has released a new catalogue. The August 2018 version is loaded with lots of new and exciting products, along with some updated and improved products. Additions, including a whole new range of Professional Stainless Steel Joint Knives and Architectural Beads from Trim-Tex.     The...
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  • Stainless Steel Professional Joint Knife Series
    Stainless Steel Professional Joint Knife Series
      Wallboard Tools has introduced an exciting new stainless steel series of joint knives to their product range. The “ALL NEW” Professional Joint Knives are manufactured with a durable nylonhandle that will resist stress cracks. With the strength of the double rivets that lock the handle to...
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  • Protect Your Finishing Tools
    Protect Your Finishing Tools
    The new Tapepro Boxer Kits retain all your finishing tools conveniently in one place and well protected in the durable, shock resistant waterproof tool case designed to extend the life of your tools. Finish first with Tapepro Boxer Kits with 4 convenient options to choose from. Included...
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  • Wallboard’s Top 10 Products for 2017
    Wallboard’s Top 10 Products for 2017
    #1 Tapepro Slayer Internal Corner Kit Apply joint compound, bed-in tape then perfectly glaze and feather internal corners. The Slayer Corner Kit includes everything you need to take on internal corners packaged together in an aluminium case for safe storage and easy transport. For more info
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  • Supa Mixer
    Supa Mixer from Wallpro
    The new Wallpro™ Supa Mixer really packs a punch. The economical mixer has a powerful 1200W motor and variable speed control. The lock button and comfortable grips allow for greater control for mixing your compounds. A huge M14 x 140mm mixing spindle is excellent for high volume...
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  • PS-600 Extender Sander-02
    Extenda Sander from Wallpro
    Been thinking about speeding up the process of hand sanding? The Extenda Sander from Wallpro™ is powerful, lightweight and will save you time and improve the finish on your next job. With a tool weight of only 3.95kg, your work day just got easier. The extra reach...
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  • Wallboard Tools Metal Access Panel - Packaging
    Top Tier Access
    The quality of Wallboard’s Access Panels has made them an industry favourite since they arrived on the scene in 2007.  Wallboard’s standard Access Panels allow access behind walls or ceilings where fire and sound rating is not required.  Each panel features accurate hinged movement, horizontal and vertical...
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  • The Tapepro CFP-75 Corner Finisher
    Quality Corner Finishing – with the CFP-75 finisher
    The CFP-75 Corner Finisher is trending at Wallboard Tools. Originally released in 2011, the CFP Finisher was designed to provide a more economical alternative to the traditional, “all metal” finishers. Tapepro’s traditional finishers and the CFP model have many similarities – they’re both designed to glaze off...
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  • Wallboard Tools Speed Filler Pump
    Easy loading with the Speed Filler Pump
    Have you been searching for a mechanical filling solution but hate the idea of cleaning a loading pump? Well, we have some exciting news. Wallboard Tools is pleased to introduce the Speed Filler Pump – a plastic pump designed to fill Flat Boxes, Mud Boxes and Plastic...
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  • Trim-Tex Angle Master from Wallboard Tools
    Feedback on Trim-Tex Angle Master
    Trim-Tex Angle Master is a PVC Corner Tape specifically designed for creating off-angles and finishing long runs without joins. Angle Master is hinged in the middle enabling it to create any angle imaginable while producing clean, straight lines. It’s supplied on a 30.5m roll and is 82mm...
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  • Wallboard Tools Proudly Supports Rosies
    Wallboard Tools Proudly Supports Rosies
    Over 100,000 Australian’s are classified as homeless – 20,000 of those are sleeping rough in Queensland alone. Perhaps even more frightening still – is that 40% are under the age of 25. Rosies was established on the Gold Coast in 1987 to provide friendship and essentials to...
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  • Trim-Tex Angle Master Corner Tape
    Conquer off-angles with Trim-Tex Angle Master
    Trim-Tex and Wallboard Tools is pleased to announce another plastering solution is joining our range. The latest innovation from Trim-Tex, Angle Master, has just landed at Wallboard Tools. Angle Master is not your regular Trim-Tex bead. It’s a unique tapered, PVC corner tape supplied as a 30.5m...
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  • Wallboard Tools 10 litre flexible bucket
    Back in Red: Wallboard’s flexible 10L buckets
    Wallboard Tools has made some changes in response to customer feedback with regards to our 10 litre buckets. Wallboard’s flexible 10 litre buckets are back and better than ever – in our traditional red colour. The improved 10 litre buckets are super flexible for easy cleaning and...
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  • Wallboard Tools: Proudly supporting Capes 4 Kids Australia Inc
    Proudly Supporting Capes 4 Kids
    A hospital admission is a disconcerting experience for people of all ages – for children it can be a confusing and frightening time. Over 500,000 children under the age of 14 are admitted to hospital each year in Australia for various reasons. Unfortunately, some of those reasons...
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  • Wallboard Tools new look access panels
    A new look for Wallboard Tools Access Panels
    If you’ve recently ordered a Wallboard Tools Access Panel – you may have noticed a few things have changed. Don’t worry though – the quality and specifications of the panels have remained at the same, high standard. Wallboard’s Access Panels are transitioning to fresh packaging that really...
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  • Wallboard Tools: Proudly supporting the Endeavour Foundation
    Proudly supporting the Endeavour Foundation
    Wallboard Tools is a proud supporter of the Endeavour Foundation. The Endeavour Foundation is an independent organisation founded in 1951; driven to assist people with disabilities, to live a more fulfilling life and turn their possibilities into reality. Today the Endeavour Foundation is a community based organisation with...
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  • 16mm Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead - 72-9110
    Just arrived: Trim-Tex 16mm Tear Away™ L Bead
    In stock and available now – 16mm Trim-Tex Tear Away™ L Bead is available from Wallboard Tools. Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead features an 8mm tear off strip which acts as a guide for taping knives and a protective mask. All Trim-Tex beads are made from flexible...
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