2022 Product Releases

2022 Product Releases

Want to catch up on all the latest releases for 2022?
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EzySkim Kit

Protect your Skimming Knives with the Wallboard Tools EzySkim Skimming Blade Kit. The EzySkim Knives are designed to increase efficiencies and quality of finish. The kit comes complete with 3 popular skimming knives that possess a comfortable grip shape, pole, pole adapter and replacement blades for each size to increase the longevity of the tool. All packed in a sturdy case to keep your blades protected when travelling to and from site.

Super Ceramic Mesh

With new technology ceramic grain, the mesh pad lasts significantly longer than traditional paper sanding pads and continues to stay sharp during prolonged use. It has minimal clogging, is dustless when attached to the vacuum, and suitable for sanding on a variety of surfaces. The Ceramic Mesh also has a tough tear resistance, easing alignment (no designated hole pattern and a high grip hook & loop.

Available in 225mm, 150mm & 125mm sizes with a large variety of grits to choose from.

 Compact Pro-Reach Flat Box Handle

The Compact Pro-Reach® Flat Box Handle is a shorter version of Tapepro’s popular extendable handle range. It is small, light and easy to handle. This handle is ideal for confined spaces, is more comfortable on horizontal flat joints, and can extend up to 890mm so you can still reach 2.4m or possibly higher ceilings.

Cordless Mixer Skin 18V

Introducing Wallpro’s first Cordless Mixer Skin for Brushless Mixing! A great portable mixer with all  the best features including a soft dual grip handle , downforce paddle for increased mixing efficiency and a 6 variable speed dial for fine adjustment. The Cordless Mixer Skin is compatible with the Wallpro Lithium Ion Battery Pack and can also suit the 18V Li-on Makita Battery Pack.

Delko Hybrid

The Delko® Hybrid Taper has fused the compact size of the Delko Taper with the professional features found on the Zunder. Quickly switch between taping flat joints and internals with the patented, double ended ZÜNDER® applicator with more control than ever before. Alternate your grip between the large, comfortable top handle and the adjustable canvas handle positioned on the right hand side of the body. Delko Hybrid is everything you love about Delko taping tools, in one, compact package.

Cordless 18V Multi Tool Skin

Cut, sand and scrape with Wallpro’s Cordless 18V Multi Tool Skin! It has a slimline body and is great for a multitude of different functions. Compatible for Wallpro & Makita 18V Li-on battery packs (sold separately).

 Power Mix 1600W 

Wallpro’s Heavy Duty PowerMix 1600  is ready to do some heavy mixing with a powerful 1600W  motor. It includes a large 160mm downforce mixing paddle for increased efficiency and a lock on button for greater control.

Other key features include:

  • Variable speed 180 – 460/ 300 – 750 RPM
  • 6 speed dial
  • Heavy duty 2 Speed Gears
  • Soft start motor

Self-Adjusting Bead Roller

Tapepro’s Self-Adjusting Bead Roller is ready to make an angled corner bead from inside 90º  to outside 90º  extremely easy to bed in! It automatically adjusts to the angle required, so no manual setting is needed. The unique flexible bands provide spring action and increased control, while the larger rollers spin slower for less compound flick. It’s also perfect to use on the extendable handles, with a very stable operation.

Extendable Dual-Headed 

Work Light

After a powerful work light that’s lightweight and easy to transport around? Then Wallboard’s Extendable Dual-Headed Work Light is for you. Run off battery or plugged in, use indoors or outside. The dual heads are individually adjustable to help achieve the perfect lighting. It takes just seconds to set up and pack away.

1410mm Extra Large Tool Case

Tapepro’s extra large tool case will keep all your tools in one place. 1410mm long, sturdy and with wheels included on the bottom for easy transportation. It’s the most durable case around!

30W Flood Light Skin

Wallboard’s 30W LED Flood Light Skin is set to impress. A beaming 3500 lumens with SMD chip output. Features include an in-build stand with durable ABS housing, a hanging hook and a powerful magnetic base. It has a standard battery interface suiting a Makita 18V Li-ion battery, but can also suit Milwaukee & DeWALT 18V Li-on batteries with our battery adapter (sold separately). 

350mm Booster Box (AB-350)

350mm Blue2 Flat Box (FFB-350)

350mm Flat Box Variants

Available now is a 350mm (14″) version of the Blue2 Flat Box in both standard and booster variants. Nominal size is 350mm, however blade holder length is 375mm/14.75”.

The 350 is based on our 300mm flat box, with innovative plates that mount to the sides of the box to allow the fitting of a longer blade holder and retainer. This reduces the effort required to push compared to full width 14″ boxes – it feels the same as a 300mm/12″ box.

For even more reduced effort consider the AB-350 Booster Box with reverse springs. This allows the usual Booster box features: less effort and thicker compound. The wider the box the more the Booster is appreciated allowing easy full coverage.

 Blitza Mixer

The Wallboard Blitza Mixer is made from heavy duty stainless steel and has an original design that draws material quickly. The round edges of the blade will protect the mixing bucket from damage. This mixer will mix a variety of different compounds. 

Wide View Head Lamp

Wallboard’s Wide View Head Lamp gives you a full 230° of bright illumination. With 350m lumens, there will be no dark spots! It has an easy control button on the left side to switch through the 5 available modes, and a sensor option that allows you to turn the light on and off with the simple wave of your hand! A must try.

10W Handheld Light

 Wallboard’s 10W Handheld LED Job Light is packed with features and lasts up to 4 hours per charge. It produces a sharp 1000 lumens on high, is impact resistant and can be mounded using the in-built stand, hook or strong magnetic base. Recharging is simple and fast with a USB cable included.

Jumbo Square

 Sanding Block

Get a block of the Jumbo Square Sanding Block, available in a Fine/Medium grit gives you another option for sanding into corners and fits nicely in most hand sizes. The sanding block can be rinsed in water.

 Stainless Steel Long Trowels

Wallboard’s hard wearing, trade quality trowel range is designed to last. Made from Stainless Steel & Available in 3 long blade sizes that all come with the a Pro-Grip Handle.

Mechanical Carpenter 

Pencil & Refill

Medium-Hard graphite carpenter pencil for universal marking purposes. The graphite automatically breaks when blunt for another sharp tip.