The FibaFuse Revolution

Since being introduced to Australian plasterers, FibaFuse has been described as a game changer for the industry. Starting out as the innovative alternative to paper tape for joints and corners, the 50mm joint tape produces a smooth finish eliminating blisters and bubbles that can occur with traditional paper tape. The addition of the wider 914mm and 150mm rolls to the FibaFuse range has seen it increase even further in popularity and become a go-to for many contractors.

The wide 914mm FibaFuse rolls are the perfect solution for renovation and restoration work, to repair large areas of plasterboard that are damaged due to cracking or after wallpaper removal. Previously it would have been necessary for the plasterboard to be completely removed, replaced, set, sanded and painted. The time that is saved by just preparing the substrate ie: primer on paint and covering the area with large sheets of FibaFuse, skimming and painting also resulting in reduced material costs is definitely worth considering.

The result from FibaFuse is a flawless finish that is unlikely to crack and will have increased mould resistance in high humidity and moisture prone areas. Installation is very simple, the 50mm joint tape can be applied either by hand or more efficiently using automatic taping tools like Tapepro Mud Boxes and Flat Boxes and the wider rolls by hand.