2023 Product Release Round Up

2023 New Product Round Up

As the curtains rise on 2023, Wallboard Tools, your premier source for cutting-edge plastering tools, is thrilled to showcase a stunning array of innovations. Missed out on any product releases? Catch up here!

Trim-Tex Fast Edge Rolls: Paving the way for seamless corners

Our journey begins with the Trim-Tex Fast Edge Rolls, a game-changer in the pursuit of flawless corners. Engineered with precision, these rolls boast Trim-Tex’s patented mud locks on a paper-covered vinyl core. This unique combination ensures an unbreakable bond, offering not just strength but unmatched durability. Bid farewell to corner challenges as you embrace a faster and smoother finish with the Trim-Tex Fast Edge Rolls.

Explore the Trim-Tex Fast Edge Rolls here and witness the evolution of corner mastery.

Blitza Mixer M14: Mixing Efficiency Redefined

Next on the spotlight is the Wallboard Blitza Mixer M14, a heavy-duty stainless steel marvel designed to revolutionise your mixing experience. With its original design that swiftly draws materials, the Blitza Mixer M14 is a versatile tool that excels in handling various compounds. The round edges of the blade not only protect your mixing bucket but also set a new standard for efficiency and durability in mixing.

Discover the power of the Blitza Mixer M14 here and transform your mixing process.

Tapepro Stealth Sander: Precision in Every Stroke

Craftsmanship meets innovation with the Tapepro Stealth Sander, an ingenious solution to common sanding challenges. Its unique geometric design allows for precise sanding of outer edges with the 95° end and apexes with the 85° end. The durable aluminum alloy body and hook & loop abrasive pad interface make it a must-have for achieving flawless corner sanding results.

Explore the Tapepro Stealth Sander and its sanding pad companions here for a new era in sanding.

Tapepro Short Handle Adaptor: Versatility Unleashed

Adaptability takes center stage with the Tapepro Short Handle Adaptor. This versatile tool seamlessly integrates with Tapepro glazers, nail spotters, rollers, and of course the Stealth Sander. Alternatively, use it as an adaptor for fixed flat box handles, extensions, corner finisher handles, and more. Crafted from robust components, this adaptor is designed to endure, enabling you to maximise your existing handle range for precision work in confined spaces.

Unlock the potential of the Short Handle Adaptor here and expand your toolkit.

EzySkim 800mm & 600mm Skimming Knives + Accessories: Precision Unleashed

Building on the success of the EzySkim kit, Wallboard Tools has introduced the EzySkim Knives in a new size (800mm) + the 600mm that’s included in the kit can also now be bought separately. These skimming blades, available are crafted to enhance efficiency and elevate the quality of finish. Immerse yourself in the precision of tools designed to meet the demands of the most discerning plastering enthusiasts.

Discover the EzySkim Knives and accessories here for a new dimension in skimming.


Tapepro Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kits: Masterful Corner Solutions

For a limited time, indulge in the Tapepro Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kits. Encased in a sleek, robust case, these kits include a free Short Handle Adaptor. Perfect your internal corners with the kit designed to cover for every step of internal corners – from applying joint compound to flawlessly glazing and feathering. Choose between the Straight Glazer or the Glazer Glider Series. 

Explore the Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kits here and embrace the artistry of corner perfection.

*Please note this item is limited edition and may no longer be available at your local store*

Graphite Powder 80g

Oh, by the way, our graphite powder just got a size upgrade—now it’s a cool 80g instead of the old 30g. Still the same finely ground, grease-free, and odorless stuff that works like magic on your power tools. It’s like a low-key superhero for your equipment, quietly extending their lifespan without making a big fuss about it.