• Flat Tear Away L Bead from Trim-Tex - a Stopping Bead with a difference
    Getting legless with Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away Bead
    Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ Bead is not your average stopping bead. Unlike regular L Beads, Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ Bead has no return leg – making it the perfect solution for areas where a return cannot be slipped behind the plasterboard. Flat Tear Away™ Bead creates a finished...
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  • Wallboard Tools Access Solutions all in one convenient catalogue
    Download now! The new Access Panel catalogue
    Wallboard Tools has just released a 12 page specialised Access Panel catalogue. The new catalogue features Wallboard’s complete Standard and Fire Rated Access Panel range, specification diagrams and detailed installation instructions. Have a closer look at the range of Access Panels available from Wallboard Tools inside the...
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  • FTA not JUST for Flat Tear Away Bead
    FTA not JUST for Flat Tear Away Bead
    The FTA Mud Head from Tapepro was released a little over 4 years ago. It was designed to snap onto the Compound Applicator Tube and apply a single line of compound for the application of Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead. But if that’s all you think...
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  • Changes to the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart
    Changes to the DC-1350 Plasterboard Cart
    Recently the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart has undergone a design update. The frame and castor configuration has been upgraded making the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart more manoeuvrable and better value than ever before. What’s changed? 1. The bottom frame now has a “bend” in it – this...
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  • Changes to the Tapepro Mud Box and Mud Box Pro
    Changes to the Tapepro Mud Box Series
    Over the last 12 months both Tapepro Mud Boxes have had not only a facelift but also a slew of new features added to them. If you’re not familiar with what’s happened to the Mud Box Original or Mud Box Pro click through below to read more....
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  • Repairing your FHX ProReach Flat Box Handle at home
    Making repairs on your ProReach Flat Box Handle
    The ProReach Flat Box Handle is one of our most popular not to mention hardest working flat finishing tools. It is basically 4 Flat Box Handles in 1 – extending from 980mm to 1600mm with four independent locking points. Manufactured from Tapepro’s classic anodised aluminium handle tube,...
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  • Updated Tapepro Mud Box Pro
    The Mud Box Pro makeover!
    The people at Tapepro Tools have been busy over the past year innovating across the range with their latest offering being the upgraded Mud Box Pro taping tool. If you weren’t aware the Tapepro Mud Box Pro simultaneously applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint...
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  • Trim-Tex Super and Giant L Bead
    The key to installing Trim-Tex L Beads
    Trim-Tex Super, Giant and Oversized L Beads are by far the best solution for finishing window and door returns. They are lightweight but robust and made from impact resistant PVC that won’t corrode in exposed areas. When installing these beads it’s important to follow a few key...
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  • Changes to the profile of 10mm Bullnose
    10mm Bullnose Profile Change
    The profile of our 10mm Bullnose Beads is changing. The “Bullnose” part of the profile has been made rounder.  These changes to the profile make the trim easier to finish. Both different profiles will be available for a short time while the transition takes place. The new and old style...
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  • Caring for your SuperLite Flat Box Handle
    Caring for your SuperLite Flat Box Handle
    The new SuperLite Flat Box Handles from Tapepro have been popular – and why wouldn’t they be? They’re made from a carbon fibre composite – so they’re light, very stiff, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue – plus they look really cool. In a composite, the fibre...
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  • Change is in the air for the Tapepro Flat Box Handle range
    Change to Tapepro Flat Box Handles
    Change is in the air for the full range of Tapepro Flat Box Handles… The Head Plate on the Fixed, ProReach and Twister handles is transitioning to the assembly debuted on the Tapepro SuperLite Handles. All Flat Box Handles in the Tapepro range are now sporting the...
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  • Trim-Tex Magic Corner vs Trim Tex Expansion Beads
    Magic Corner vs Expansion Beads
    Trim-Tex Magic Corner is designed to finish any inside plasterboard corner while reducing the incidence of edge cracking where movement is a concern. Magic Corner combines 25mm PVC mud legs with a flexible centre. This composition results in the bead being able to act as an expansion...
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  • Plastering nightmare averted thanks to LevelLine
    Plastering nightmare averted, thanks to LevelLine
    Andrew from All Round Plastering was unsure how he was going to trowel up all of the internal obtuse angles that he was faced with at his recent South Melbourne job. All of the angles were varying degrees and Adrian from MPS suggested he use Levelline. Andrew...
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  • Super Sized L Beads
    Super Sized L Beads
    Super, Giant and Oversized L Beads from Trim-Tex are a great solution for finishing window returns and door jams.  They are made from flexible and impact resistant PVC making them durable as well as easy to cut, sand and paint. WallboardTools also stocks Trim-Tex Finish Trim, designed to...
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  • Safe Operating Recomendations - DC-1350 Dolly Cart
    New Safe Operation Recommendations – Dolly Cart (DC-1350)
    Wallboard Tools recently carried out further testing on our popular DC-1350 Dolly Cart. We determined that it’s important to include size restrictions and recommendations for safe operation. These recommendations are: Push cart from end of sheets Always keep lockable castors locked Use 2 persons to push when...
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  • Taking the "force" out of flat finishing
    Taking the “force” out of flat finishing
    Booster Automatic Boxes from Tapepro have been designed to take the pressure off plasterers when coating flat joints – particularly the hard to reach ones. The secret is in the spring loaded lid. It forces joint compound out of the box reducing the power required by the...
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  • FibaFuse Paperless Plasterboard Joint Tape
    FibaFuse Joint Tape: Strong, Fast & Flat
    FibaFuse might be new at Wallboard Tools – but it’s been on the market for a while and it’s got people talking. What is FibaFuse? It’s a revolutionary paperless plasterboard tape made from glass matte fibres.  It can be installed both by hand and with Automatic Tools...
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  • What's so magic about Trim-Tex Magic Corner
    What’s so “magic” about Trim-Tex Magic Corner?
    Trim-Tex Magic Corner is a favourite here at Wallboard Tools. In fact it was one of the first Trim-Tex products that we started selling back in 1994. Magic Corner combines 25mm PVC Mud Legs with a flexible centre. This composition results in the bead being able to...
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  • Better crimping with the 11-25 Stud Crimper from Wallboard Tools
    Better crimping with the Wallboard Tools 11-25 crimper
    Stud Crimpers are a fast, cost effective solution when securing metal stud and track.  A tooth attached to the head of the crimper punches through both the stud and track folding the punched portion over, “crimping” both pieces of steel together. We recently introduced a new crimper,...
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  • Trim-Tex & Tapepro Work Smart Program by Wallboard Australia
    The Tapepro and Trim-Tex “Work Smart” Program
    The ‘Work Smart’ program is a Wallboard Tools initiative focused on increasing skills and confidence with Tapepro and Trim-Tex products. Training was previously run only in Qld we’re pleased to announce with the assistance of Lidcome and Holmesglen institute of Tafe, the ‘Work Smart’ program is hitting...
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