FibaFuse Rolls

There’s been a lot of discussion around whether FibaFuse meets Australian Plastering Standards and that it is carcinogenic and will cause cancer.

Here’s what we know;

FibaFuse hasn’t been tested against any Australian standards.
Joint Tapes by themselves aren’t tested as there’s no particular standard just for tape.
Warranty works in conjunction with the plasterboard manufacturer and their system, we suggest checking the plasterboard manufacturers system. 

In regards to FibaFuse causing cancer or being carcinogenic; 
The essential point to remember is that glass filaments are not “respirable” as they are over 3μm in diameter and have been shown not to cause lung cancer. The levels of formaldehyde which have carcinogenic properties have been deemed very low and a safe level, therefore able to be imported and sold to the Australian market. Not unlike many other products we use in our everyday lives. Exposure to skin may cause short term irritation, itching and redness, we highly recommend wearing the correct protective gear like gloves and eyewear. 

FibaFuse Tape has been widely used for recess joints for some time with excellent results. Introduced to the Wallboard Tools product range back in 2013, FibaFuse Tape had already been on the market for some time and has a reputation for being one of the strongest joint tapes on the market. The open fibre structure allows joint compound to penetrate the tape creating a stronger bond thereby reducing the occurrence of “loose tape” and “air bubbles” compared to traditional paper tapes. FibaFuse Tape can be applied either by hand or the process time can be reduced by using automatic tools like a Tapepro Mud Box or Wallboard Plastic Taper