Magic Corner vs Expansion Beads

Trim-Tex Magic Corner is designed to finish any inside plasterboard corner while reducing the incidence of edge cracking where movement is a concern.

Magic Corner combines 25mm PVC mud legs with a flexible centre. This composition results in the bead being able to act as an expansion joint at any internal angle – allowing a total of 9mm (+/-4.5mm) movement.

Trim-Tex Magic Corner Bead - 72-4320

When installed according to manufactures recommendations, this products’ expansion control protects against edge cracking on internal corners exposed to structural moment.

Trim-Tex Magic Corner is available in a “Spray & Staple 60m Roll

Trim-Tex “V” Expansion Joint and Hideaway Expansion Joint should be considered for flat joints in areas of structural expansion and contraction. “V” Expansion allows for a total of 6mm (+/-3mm) of expansion. The sides of the “V” shape are rigid PVC with a soft, flexible connection at the bottom which gives the bead it’s expansion properties. Trim-Tex Hideaway is a low profile expansion joint that eliminates the exposed “V” common with other products. Hideaway allows for total movement of 9mm (+/-4.5). Both these beads incorporate Tear Away strips. The Tear Away strips make for a “no fuss” clean up, also acting as a guide for joint knives and protects the flexible centre from compound – then tearing away after finishing for a clean appearance.

Trim-Tex Expansion Beads

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