Lift Your Expectations: The Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter

Lift Your Expectations: The Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter

In the realm of plastering, construction and renovation – efficiency and safety go hand in hand. One essential tool that facilitates these aspects is a panel lifter. While several panel lifters flood the market, the Edmaplac Mega Sheet Board (PLM-4.5) stands out as an exceptional choice. We’ll explore the distinctive features and advantages that set the Edmaplac Mega Lifter apart from its counterparts. 

Unmatched Lifting Height:

The Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter boasts an impressive lifting capacity of up to 4.5 meters, making it an ideal choice for handling large panels and sheets with ease. Majority of panel lifters have a maximum height of below 4 metres. 

Sheet Superhero: Conquering Bigger Sheets & Heavier Loads

Not only does it elevate your lifting height, but it also boasts a noteworthy load capacity of up to 80kg. Prepare to handle sheet sizes up to 1.22m x 6m.

Versatility and Adaptability:

The Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter is a versatile tool designed to handle plasterboard in various positions: horizontal for ceiling installations, angled for raked ceiling installations, and vertical for wall installations. Its adaptability sets it apart from traditional lifters, allowing contractors to effortlessly position plasterboard sheets in any configuration. Whether it’s achieving precise alignment in ceiling installations, accommodating unique angles in raked ceilings, or ensuring efficient wall installations, the Edmaplac lifter proves to be an indispensable asset. With its ability to handle plasterboard in every position, this lifter streamlines the installation process.

Safety First:

The Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter incorporates an innovative braking system that enhances control and safety during the lowering process of panels. This advanced system features two handles: the main brake handle and the safety brake handle.

  1. Main Brake Handle: The main brake handle is the primary control mechanism for lowering the panel. It allows the operator to have precise control over the descent of the panel. With a firm grip on the main brake handle, the operator can regulate the speed at which the panel is lowered, ensuring a controlled and gradual descent. This level of control is essential to prevent sudden drops or jolts that could potentially damage the panel or pose a safety risk.

  2. Safety Brake Handle: In addition to the main brake handle, the Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter is equipped with a safety brake handle. The safety brake serves as an additional layer of protection and control during the lowering process. The operator can engage the safety brake handle to further slow down the descent of the panel, providing an extra level of security and preventing any unintended acceleration. This safety feature ensures that the operator can maintain optimal control over the panel throughout the entire lowering operation.

Drill Assistance = Less Effort:

The Edmaplac lifter harnesses the power of a standard power drill to assist in the lifting process. By attaching a power drill to the lifter, the operator can automate the lifting operation with ease. This power drill assistance eliminates the need for manual cranking or exerting excessive physical effort, significantly reducing the strain on the operator. With the simple activation of the power drill, the lifter effortlessly raises the plasterboard, saving time and energy during the setup phase.

Complementing the power drill assistance, the Edmaplac Mega Sheet Lifter features a reliable rack and pinion system that will lift plasterboard still with less effort than other panel lifters.


Customer Testimonial

“It has been really handy for me while working alone (the Edmaplac Mega Lifter). Being able to use larger sheets and at greater heights than the standard lifter has saved me on labour costs and time.” 

  • Mat Simmington – NewCoast Venetian Plastering 

When it comes to panel lifters, the Edmaplac Mega Board Lifter sets itself apart as a superior choice. With its unmatched lifting capacity, adaptability, enhanced safety measures and durability this lifter proves to be a cut above the rest. By investing in the Edmaplac lifter you can enjoy increased efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced productivity, ultimately leading to successful project outcomes.

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