Award Metals Paper Faced Bead – Leigh’s Product Review

Whether your construction is commercial or residential, we all face the same challenges, that builders continually shorten deadlines and still expect you to deliver that million-dollar finish. Award Metals Internal Paper Faced Bead could be a solution for finding extra time savings and building that all important buffer into your next project.

The speed of installation is a key advantage of this product, not having to pre-cut and fold the 2.7m or 3m lengths offers the “time saving” benefits that all contractors are looking for. If the sheets are cut slightly short there is no need for prefilling as the metal holds the shape of the corner. It creates nice sharp straight lines as the metal will hold the “true line” and the paper will adhere to any undulations in the wall or ceiling. The high quality “anti scuff” paper gives you reassurance when sanding. Finally, my favourite feature of this product is the “micro perforations” on the outer edges of the paper that enhance the bond to the plasterboard.

Watch the video above to see me install it in our training room and zone in on the features.