The QUIK STRAP range of tie downs are made tough and will suit most contractors needs for an easy solution to securing loads.

The Wallboard Tools Tie Downs are available as a simple cam buckle which is a single 25mm x 2.5m strap suitable for a small load securing up to a 160kg lashing capacity or the ratchet tie downs which include high quality hardware and the handy storage case for heavier load securing. The standard tie downs are two, fluro green, 25mm x 4.2m straps that will secure up to a 227KG lashing capacity and the two fluro orange heavy duty straps that are 27mm x 4.2m and have a large 750KG lashing capacity.

When using load restraints ensure that

  • You check the webbing is suitably pre-tensioned and regularly check the tautness during your journey.
  • Anchorage points are a comparable strength to the lashing capacity of the strap.
  • The stability of your load is independent of the restraint system.
  • When releasing the lashing it does not cause the load to become unstable.
  • The webbing is protected from sharp edges, heat and heavy alkalis.
  • You do not use them if the hardware is damaged or the webbing is torn, cut or abraded.
  • You do not exceed the lashing capacity.
  • You do not use for lifting or towing.

Both the GBMA and the AWCIANZ are committed to improving the standard of occupational health & safety in the wall and ceiling industry. Working together to actively provide information to address the safety challenges faced by our industry on a daily basis across commercial & residential construction sites. The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation is made up of four sections that require compliance: Load Restraint, Mass Management, Load Dimension and Fatigue Management. The GBMA is actively working to address the safety challenges related to load restraint among companies who transport and distribute plasterboard on behalf of all of the member companies.

Click here to download more information relating to GBMA load restraint, lashing capacity and load configuration guides.

Remember if you are not sure it’s safe don’t take the risk.