Smooth Moves: The CornerDuo Sander​

Smooth Moves: The CornerDuo Sander

Enter the era of sanding excellence tailored for professional plasterers with the CornerDuo Sander. This game changing tool seamlessly integrates into your typical power sanding routine, providing a dual-purpose solution by offering both a pole sander head and a hand sander head all in one cost-effective package. The CornerDuo Sander boasts a lightweight design, ensuring comfort during prolonged usage and enabling you to effortlessly address intricate sanding tasks with precision.

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 This exceptional tool features a minimal drag design and an adjustable angle range from 90° to 80°. Transition effortlessly from floor-to-ceiling sanding to meticulous touch-ups, achieving a professional finish in every corner and crevice. The CornerDuo Sander excels at sanding internal corners and three-way corners, providing a comprehensive solution for the diverse sanding challenges faced by plasterers.

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Elevating your sanding experience further, the CornerDuo Sanding Pads crafted specifically for this tool, offer a cushioned pad with optimal 220 grit for flawless corner sanding. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor working on large-scale projects or a plastering professional refining your craft, the CornerDuo Sander, paired with its dedicated sanding pads, is the ultimate choice for a seamless and precise sanding experience. Elevate your toolkit, streamline your sanding tasks and revel in the satisfaction of a job well done with the CornerDuo Sander by your side.