Jewel Towers Trim-Tex Case Study

Jewel Towers


Construction of the Jewel Towers is complete on the beach shores of The Gold Coast. Wanda Group and Ridong Group joined together as the two developers in this $1 billion venture of the three towers. Two towers will serve as residence towers and one as a hotel. Designed by DBI Architecture, The Jewel Towers are seen as a landmark of the Gold Coast. The shimmering and angular design of the towers resemble the smoky quartz crystals found in the region. This development is helping to meet the high demand for luxury quality living, while supporting the tourism sector of the economy.

Trim-Tex’s own Technical Sales Representative, Noe Perez, visited the Jewel Residences with Jim Swain from Wallboard Tools and Tom Gill from Tapepro for Noe to learn more about the Australian commercial processes.

“I was extremely impressed by the work and professionalism of the contractors. The installation and work was top notch” praised Noe.

Trim-Tex is pleased to report that the Contractors Yuhu Group and Superior Walls and Ceilings are using several of our products during construction and development.

The Flat Tear Away L Bead is used to create a finished edge where plasterboard terminates at other substrates or building components such as windows and doors. It features a tear off strip that acts as a guide for the taping knife as well as a protective mask for mudding.

The Magic Corner Expansion Bead was also used during development. This product is used on any inside corner where movement is an issue to prevent cracking, like in high-rise buildings such at the Jewel Towers, and eliminates edge cracking on all off-angle walls and vaulted ceilings. It can also be used to permanently fix cracks in existing cathedral and vaulted ceilings.

The Architectural Reveal Bead was another product used in construction. This Reveal Bead is used for multiple purposes; to finish the exposed edge of plasterboard it’s great to use around duct work and piping, finishing columns, curved walls and soffits.


1 Billion Dollars
1,022,571 square feet
Tower 1-41 stories, Tower 2-47 stories, Tower 3-34 stories
Developer: Wanda Ridong Developments
Architect: DBI Architecture
General Contractor: Yuhu Group
Plastering Contractor: Superior Walls and Ceilings


72-9000 Flat Tear Away L Bead
72-4320 Magic Corner
72-AS5130 Architectural Reveal Bead
72-885 Dual Angle Sanding Blocks