Tapepro Flat Box Reducer Plates

Start to Finish with one Flat Box

In 2011, the RP-200 Tapepro Reducer Plate (200mm to 140mm) was introduced. It has been such a huge success, three additional reducer plates are available. Tapepro Reducer Plates are manufactured from durable high grade stainless steel, and fit easily to all Tapepro Flat Boxes without requiring any modifications.

To fit the reducer plate:

  • Slide the plate under the skids on the flat box until the front edge touches the brass blade holder.
  • Push the legs down to lock in behind the wheel axle.

The RP-150 can be fitted to the Versatile T-150 Flat Box, reducing the applied width of compound from 150mm to 75mm to use as a nail or screw spotter.

The other two new reducer plates can be fitted to any Tapepro 250mm Flat Box. The RP-2514 reduces the applied width to 140mm from 250mm while the RP-2520 reduces from 250mm to 200mm. 

One Box Solution

With the 250mm flat box and two reducer plates you can: 

  • fill the recess prior to hand taping (using RP-2514
  • fill and finish the recess after taping (using RP-2514
  • top coat 250mm (blade width 273mm) 

It’s now more economical than ever to start finishing with Tapepro Automatic Finishing Tools.
Codes: RP-150, RP-200, RP-2514, RP-2520

*** Reducer Plates and Flat Boxes Sold Seperately.