Ceramic Super Mesh – A must try!

Wallboard's Ceramic Super Mesh Has Landed

Wallboard’s Super Mesh Ceramic is ready to transform your sanding experience with new Ceramic Grain technology. It will last significantly longer than paper sanding pads and continues to stay sharp, even after prolonged use.

What are the features?

Ceramic Grain

What's the difference?

The fracture pattern of the Ceramic Grain allows for continued exposure of sharp edges during the wearing process. 

What's the Feedback?

“It makes the job quicker, why wouldn’t you use it? I usually use 4 pads on a unit. With Ceramic Mesh I’ve used it to see how it went and only needed 1 pad I’m shocked, I’m still shocked….How do you get excited about a sanding pad? But I am!”

– Ben (Get Yourself Plastered) 

 “I’m using the Wallboard 220g grit (Ceramic Mesh). I can use it for longer time, 1.5 x more than the other mesh that I use.It’s a good one, I’d recommend it and I like it… as a contract sander I have tried all types of sanding discs on the market from mesh to regular sanding pads, and this one is going to the best on the market that I can find.”

Walter (Contract Sander)