Wallboard’s Charity Committee – There’s Never a Better Time To Give

2019 has been a tough year for many of us with a large percentage of Australia still in drought and no foreseeable relief likely in the immediate future. The horrendous fires that recently ripped through large parts of the country leaving behind complete devastation seeing us as a nation stand together and offer gestures of support no matter how large or small. Along with these natural acts of disaster come increased suicide rates, poverty, injury, illness and hardship that result in homelessness or families needing extra support during a difficult time.

5 Years ago the Wallboard Tools’ Charity Committee was established so that we could give a little back to the community and lend a helping hand to those that are less fortunate or going through a rough patch. During this time we have helped over 50 different charitable organisations continue to offer vital services and support to our community.

Each month the Wallboard Tools Charity Committee reaches out to a non-profit organisation to see how they can help and offer support. Whether it’s financial support, donating essential products such as sanitary and personal hygiene items, food, backpack swags from the homeless, xmas gifts for families or taking part in a 28km charity walk, the focus is on giving to those in need to improve quality of life.

Wallboard Tools proudly supported the following charity organisations in 2019; Each organisation has a link if you you would like to and can help out in any way, every little bit helps.