Trim-Tex Low Profile Rigid Corner Bead

The Trim-Tex Low Profile Rigid Corner Bead cuts easily without cutting you.

Designed with smaller mud leg holes, the Trim-Tex Rigid Low Profile Corner Bead will fasten without any time wasting staple fails and will require less scraping or filling of pinholes when installed using a thick first coat. With a crisp, sharp low corner profile design it is installed using less mud, no setback and the rigid PVC will hold its line.

All Trim-Tex PVC beads have great impact and dent resistance and are guaranteed to be corrosion free for a lifetime.

Installation Install with Trim-Tex Spray Adhesive & Staples

Step 1 Ensure the substrate is true and plumb
Step 2 Remove excess overhang of plasterboard prior to bead installation
Step 3 Cut Rigid Bead to length leaving 6mm minimum clearance from the floor for vertical installation
Step 4 Spray a liberal coat of Trim-Tex 847 to the inside of the bead as well as the surface of the plasterboard corner
Step 5 Place and position the bead on the corner and apply firm even pressure to the bead with the Trim-Tex Cleaning Tool
Step 6 Staple bead through the mud leg at 200mm centres
Step 7 Set the Trim-Tex bead with board manufacturer approved compounds and recommendations