The Mud Box Pro makeover!


The people at Tapepro Tools have been busy over the past year innovating across the range with their latest offering being the upgraded Mud Box Pro taping tool.


The Tapepro Mud Box Pro


If you weren’t aware the Tapepro Mud Box Pro simultaneously applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all flat and internal angle joints. It can be used with 75m or 150m rolls of paper tape and features rear controls for the creaser wheel and cutter. It’s easily cleaned and designed for use with chemical setting compounds.


The Tapepro Mud Box Pro


So what’s changed?
1. Tapepro has replaced the Side Plates (MB-1 & MB-1-R), Top Plate (MB-2) and End Plate (MB-4) previously made from CNC cut and routed polycarbonate sheet with new parts. The new Side Plates (MB-1M & MB-1RM) are branded with the words “Mud Box”. The Top and End plate are now one piece (MB-2M). The new body is made from injection-moulded polycarbonate that is UV Stabilised
2. The addition of black cable sleeves to protect and increase the lifespan of the control cables
3. Added bracing between the side plates for improved rigidity and overall strength
4. The re-designed lid fits closer to the body of the box reducing leakage of “wetter” compound
5. Significant weight reduction – the new Mud Box Pro weighs 500g less than the old model
6. The improved tool is 35mm shorter than the old model
>> Watch the 2016 version Mud Box Pro Clip here

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