Tapepro “Always Evolving”

In 1974 Premier Drywall Tools was based in California USA, founded by Robert Ames, Stan Ames and Carl Raff. They started manufacturing automatic taping tools that became known in the industry as “Blue Tools”. After having worked with the Ames brothers for many years, Grahame Orchard the founder of Wallboard Tool Co was appointed as the Australian agent in 1985. In May 2000 Axia Corporation announced the purchase of Premier Drywall Tools. Shortly after that production of the “Blue Tools” was discontinued.

In 2001 Stewart Orchard established Tapepro Drywall Tools to produce and offer automatic taping tools to the Australian market using the long trusted, Premier Drywall Tools as the shape for their design.

With the same tried, tested and proven “Blue Tools” design, Tapepro quickly became known for its high-quality automatic taping tools with their initial range consisting of Flat Boxes in the 3 sizes, 5 fixed handle sizes with 2 extension options, mudbox, corner roller, loading pump and flat box filler, all still available today. Tapepro since these early days has been committed to developing and improving the way in which automatic taping tools can ease stress and fatigue on the body and increase productivity. Over the years Tapepro has increased its product lines to over 75 tools including combo finishing kits and 25 service and maintenance kits. Proudly offering a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty in line with all parts and servicing being readily available locally within Australia. Tapepro offers the largest after-market technical support with a full range of technical advice either by attending one of their in-store trade days or the extensive YouTube clips that are available online.

Tapepro is dedicated to “always evolving” to ensure that they are manufacturing and offering the most innovative products available that produce the highest quality finish on the market.