SuperLite Flat Box Handles from Tapepro

We’re getting 2015 off to a big start with the new Tapepro Superlite Flat Box Handles. Not only do they look great but they’re also substantially lighter than other Flat Box Handles currently available in Australia.

SuperLite Flat Box Handle from Tapepro

Tapepro has combined cutting edge technology with premium materials to produce an industry first – the Superlite Flat Box Handles. The sleek looking carbon fibre tubes,  precision machined head and hollow stainless steel pivot pin make the SuperLite Flat Box Handles just that – super light. These components result in a 40%* reduction in overall weight when compared to Tapepro’s original traditional Flat Box Handles.

Tapepro SuperLite Flat Box Handles

Available in both 900mm and 1200mm fixed lengths, the SuperLite handles were designed and are made right here in Australia.

Tapepro SuperLite Flat Box HandlesFind out more about this hot new tool from your local Wallboard Tools distributor or by reading more here. Stay up to date with the latest news and new products by heading to our Facebook page and hitting the “like” button.

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