Specialty Beads

A collection of beads and trims created to provide plastering solutions

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  • 19mm Bullnose J Round Corner Piece

    19mm Bullnose J Round 2-Way Inside Corner Piece Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex Flexible Grid Angle

    22mm Flex Grid Angle 3.0m Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex 89mm Fast Cap

    89mm Fast Cap 3.0m Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex Angle Master Corner Tape

    Angle Master 30.5m Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex LED Light Bead

    LED Light Bead Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex Mud On Access Door Bead

    Mud on Access Door Bead 3.0m Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex Wall Mounted Deflection Bead

    Wall Mounted Deflection Bead 3.0m Trim-Tex

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