Corner Beads - Chamfer Finish

Chamfer products maintain the appearance of a crisp corner with a modern appeal.

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  • Trim-Tex Chamfer Stop

    13mm Chamfer Stop 3.0m Trim-Tex

  • 19mm Trim-Tex Chamfer Corner Bead

    19mm Chamfer 90º Corner Bead 3.0 Trim-Tex

  • 19mm Chamfer Archway Bead Trim-Tex

    19mm Chamfer Archway Bead 3.0m Trim-Tex

  • Trim-Tex Chamfer 3 Way Corner Piece

    32mm Chamfer 3 Way Outside Corner Piece Trim-Tex

  • 32mm Chamfer Corner Bead

    32mm Chamfer 90º Corner Bead 3.0m Trim-Tex

  • Chamfer Mitre Marker

    Chamfer Mitre Marker Trim-Tex

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