Caring for your SuperLite Flat Box Handle

Caring for your Tapepro SuperLite Flat Box HandleThe new SuperLite Flat Box Handles from Tapepro have been popular – and why wouldn’t they be? They’re made from a carbon fibre composite – so they’re light, very stiff, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue – plus they look really cool.

In a composite, the fibre is only one of the major components – the other is the resin or adhesive which acts to hold the soft fibres rigid in relation to each other. For items like the Tapepro SuperLite Handle, epoxy is used as it possesses good fibre adhesion, strength, toughness and is economical.

Hi-tech right? Good thing caring for your SuperLite Flat Box Handle is straight forward. To get the maximum lifespan and performance from your new handle we recommend following these guidelines:

• Don’t allow the handle to become excessively hot
High performance epoxy resins are used in the manufacture of SuperLite Handles – at temperatures above approximately 75ºC the epoxy can soften which dramatically reduces strength.

• Don’t leave your handle in the sun
Excessive UV light has the effect of turning the exposed epoxy resin into a chalky layer which can then easily fall off, resulting in exposure of the fibres to the weather. Moisture can enter the exposed fibres and travel to the inside layers of the laminate reducing it’s strength and integrity.

• Avoid dropping your SuperLite handle
The SuperLites composite tubing is manufactured using tough epoxy resins improving the tubes wear resistance – but high instantaneous loading involved in sharp impacts can still cause damage to the tubing.

• In the unlikely event of a failure, carbon fibre composites don’t give you much warning – they don’t deform prior to failure. Care should be taken in regard to heavily loaded tubes to avoid injury or tool damage.

Not sure what we’re taking about?  Check out the Tapepro SuperLite Flat Box Handle by clicking here.

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