10mm Bullnose Profile Change

Changes to the profile of 10mm BullnoseThe profile of our 10mm Bullnose Beads is changing. The “Bullnose” part of the profile has been made rounder.  These changes to the profile make the trim easier to finish.

Both different profiles will be available for a short time while the transition takes place. The new and old style 10mm Bullnose will look the same when finished – but the two profiles CANNOT be joined. This will cause issues when joining new style trims to old style corner pieces, new style corner beads to old style archway or when trying to join new style to old style corner beads. We realise having the two different profiles on the same job may cause some problems – but it’s easy to tell the trims apart without opening the box. The old style profile cartons will have a WHITE sticker on the ends and the new style 10mm Bullnose will have a bright YELLOW sticker on the ends.

This change will affect the following products in the 10mm Bullnose range:
10mm Bullnose Corner Bead 90º (72-35008 / 72-35010)
10mm Bullnose Corner Bead 90º Archway (72-35020)
10mm Bullnose Corner Bead 135º (72-35038 / 72-35030)
10mm Bullnose Mud Set Corner Bead 90º (72-MS35010)
10mm Bullnose 3 Way Outside Corner Piece (72-0923)
10mm Bullnose 3 Way Outside Corner Piece (72-0921)
10mm Bullnose Splicer (72-0924)

The 10mm Bullnose Mitre Marker can be used on both the new and old style profile. To use on the new 10mm Bullnose profile simply centre it on the nose of the trim.

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