What’s so “magic” about Trim-Tex Magic Corner?

What's so magic about Trim-Tex Magic CornerTrim-Tex Magic Corner is a favourite here at Wallboard Tools. In fact it was one of the first Trim-Tex products that we started selling back in 1994.

Magic Corner combines 25mm PVC Mud Legs with a flexible centre. This composition results in the bead being able to act as an expansion joint at any angle – allowing 9mm (+/-4.5mm) of expansion.  This unique product has changed the way people tackle raked and vaulted ceilings and made many new architectural features possible.

We spoke to a local contractor, Sean, about his feelings toward Trim-Tex Magic Corner. He recalled a challenging, square set job that included a raked ceiling feature in every room.  Sean recommended Magic Corner for the job as it was the only product that could produce the unusual obtuse external angles (over 135º) and acute inside angles.  Magic Corner was not only able to accommodate the unusual angles but also allowed for structural relief minimising cracking associated with the movement in raked ceilings. Being made from PVC – Magic Corner is light weight which Sean also mentioned as an advantage over traditional products when working overhead on ceilings.

Brian from Precision Taping is another big convert to Magic Corner and has been using it for over 6 years.  He told us he started using Magic Corner where movement was an issue, on unusual inside corners and vaulted ceilings. He found Magic Corner’s expansion control not only virtually eliminated edge cracking and pops but it also easily adjusted to create a straight line, even on a poorly framed ceiling.

Earlier this year saw the release of Mud Set Magic Corner. The Mud Set version of the product has a smaller hole pattern on the mud legs and sees the addition of mud locks to the under side of the bead. Unlike regular Magic Corner, it installs with base compound only. This allows the bead to be lifted and repositioned before the base sets (an advantage over regular spray and staple Magic Corner) and forms an exceptionally strong bond to the wall.

It’s sold by the roll rather than in lengths like the rest of the Trim-Tex range allowing the product to cover long runs without having to join the bead thus minimising wastage.

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