Wallboard’s Top 10 Products for 2017

#1 Tapepro Slayer Internal Corner Kit
Apply joint compound, bed-in tape then perfectly glaze and feather internal
The Slayer Corner Kit includes everything you need to take on internal corners
packaged together in an aluminium case for safe storage and easy transport. For
more info goo.gl/ejedru

#2 Trim-Tex Angle Master
Angle Master is a revolutionary tapered, PVC Corner Tape that can create any
internal or external off-angle. It’s also a seamless solution for long runs and
bulkheads. Micro Hooks on the underside of the tape locks-in base compound
creating the strongest possible bond. Check here for more info goo.gl/SWN7kn

#3 JSD Super Pads
Wallboard’s German made JSD Super Pads have been a hit since they were
released. They provide fast even sanding and excellent dust extraction while they
go the distance. See here for more info goo.gl/GQDCgX

#4 Wallpro Extenda Sander
The Extenda Sander from Wallpro™ is powerful, lightweight and will save you
time and improve the finish on your next job. With a tool weight of only 3.95kg,
your work day just got easier. The extra length with the extendable design is
perfect for reaching those high ceilings. See here for more info goo.gl/PcYPBQ

#5 Wallboard Tools Access Panels
Wallboard Tools Standard Access Panels allow access behind walls or ceilings
where fire and sound rating is not required. They are available in both MDF and
Metal doors and are well packaged for protection. For further info go to

#6 Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ L Bead
The 72-9000 is designed for areas where the plasterboard has been butted too
close to adjoining surface to slip the return leg behind the plasterboard. Click
here for more info goo.gl/FDcTQL

#7 Tapepro T2 Flat Boxes
T2 Boxes apply compound to flat joints producing the perfect crown and feather.
They’re manufactured from quality materials like anodised aluminium and
stainless steel and are available in 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. For more info

#8 Stainless Series Joint Knives
The Wallboard Tools Stainless Series Joint Knives are produced entirely from
stainless steel giving them a sleek attractive appearance and making them easy
to clean. They have a ready to go ground blade and are available in 50, 75, 100,
125, 150 and new 200 & 250mm sizes. Find them here goo.gl/Y1pzgX

#9 Wallpro Supa Mixer
Only recently released this economical mixer has a powerful 1200W motor and
variable speed control. The lock button and comfortable grips allow for greater
control for mixing your compounds. For further information goo.gl/t3Xzee

#10 Tapepro Shorty Flat Box Handle
The Shorty is unlike any other Tapepro Flat Box Handle. It’s compact, light and
makes for fast flat finishing particularly in confined spaces. Check out the Shorty here goo.gl/7E6AiX