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Wallboard Tools - The Joint and Corner Tape SpecialistsWhat makes Wallboard Tools the joint and corner tape specialists?

We stock an extensive range of trade quality solutions for both flat and corner joints which we are continually evaluating and expanding.

Over the last 12 months we have added revolutionary FIbaFuse to our range. The paperless plasterboard joint tape has created a lot of interest with it’s strength and mould resistance being popular features. It can be installed by hand or with a taping tool and is available in both 75m and 150m rolls.

No-Coat Ultraflex corner tapes came on-board in August last year. Ultraflex is a flexible, durable and versatile tape which can create an inside or outside corner at any angle. Three different Ultraflex products are available providing solutions to some unique plastering problems. Ultraflex 325 and Ultraflex 450 can only be installed by hand where Zoomaflex is designed to be applied with an Automatic Taper.

After rigorous testing and trials – Wallboard Tools was pleased to add our own trade quality paper tape and fibreglass tape to the range late last year.

Our new paper tape has excellent tensile strength and is suitable for hand or machine taping. The strong cardboard core fits most taping tools. Wallboard paper tape is perforated for better compound penetration and bond.

Wallboard Tools self adhesive fibreglass tape is applied without compound when taping or patching. It is very quick to apply and installs without bubbles.

Basically… if you’re looking for a product or solution for flat or corner joints – Wallboard Tools has you covered.

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