Wallboard Tools 2018 Product Catalogue & New Products

Wallboard Tools has released a new catalogue. The August 2018 version is loaded with lots of new and exciting products, along with some updated and improved products. Additions, including a whole new range of Professional Stainless Steel Joint Knives and Architectural Beads from Trim-Tex.

The new 168page black glossy catalogue looks fantastic. To see what else is new look for the “NEW” icon throughout the catalogue appearing beside all the latest products.

Here’s just some of the new products to look out for, available now from Wallboard Tools.

  1. Wallboard Manhole Frames – Available in 3 sizes (WMH-01) 440mm x 590mm (WMH-02) 590mm x 590mm & (WMH-03) 440mm x 440mm
  2. Wallpro CG-605L Caulking Gun – “NEW HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY MODEL”
  3. Wallpro CSG-4005L Collated Screwgun – “NEW FASTER MODEL”
  4. Wallpro Supa Mixer 1200w – PM-600 – “POWERFULLY LIGHT”
  5. Wallpro Extenda Sander – PS-600 – “EXTRA REACH”
  6. Wallpro Power Tools Deal 7 – which includes (PS-600) Wallpro Extenda Sander, (DE-30L) Wallpro Vacuum and SM-180-5) WBT Sanding Mesh 180g – 5pack
  7. WBT Professional Stainless Joint Knife Series – (5040SS) 50mm (5065SS) 75mm (5070SS) 100mm (5080SS) 125mm (5090SS) 150mm (5095SS) 200mm and (5100SS) 250mm
  8. WBT Professional Joint Knife C/S – New Size (5100) 250mm
  9. WBT Stainless Series – New Sizes (7080) 200mm & (7100) 250mm
  10. Tapepro Boxer Kits – 4 Kits to choose from (BK-1, BK-2, BK-5 & BK-6)
  11. Tapepro 450mm Tool Case – TC-450
  12. Trim-Tex Angle Master – 72-MS325
  13. Trim-Tex 16mm Tear Away L Bead – 72-9110
  14. Trim-Tex Architectural Reveal Bead – (72-AS5150) 6mm (72-AS5130) 10mm (72-AS5110) 12mm and (72-AS5310) 25mm
  15. Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead 10mm – 72-AS8720
  16. Trim-Tex Architectural Archway L Bead 13mm – 72-AS3288
  17. Trim-Tex Tear Away Shadow Bead 13mm x 13mm – 72-5510T – Now “Tear Away”

All new products are also displayed at www.wallboardtools.com.au and fully supported by technical data and video clips where available.