Trim-Tex Oversized Tear Away L Bead – COMING SOON

Caught Short? Trim-Tex to the rescue!

What’s your go-to solution for sheets running short when butting into window reveals or different substrates?

Trim-Tex’s Oversized Tear Away L Bead has an extended mud leg that’s capable of spanning wide gaps that would normally require a much longer process to achieve a quality result. 

Trim-Tex Oversized Tear Away L Bead is coming in August. It has an oversized 57mm mud leg designed to span large gaps with ease and also includes the popular Tear Away strip that protects the adjacent surface and helps reduce the amount of mess to clean up after finishing. 

In the first image below you can see the Trim-Tex 10mm Tear Away L Bead (72-9004) mud leg doesn’t cover enough of the plasterboard to effectively staple the mud leg. To solve this issue, you can use Trim-Tex Oversized Tear Away L Bead (72-9350) that has a longer mud leg and a 10mm return that will position the bead perfectly for 10mm plasterboard.