Top Tier Access

The quality of Wallboard’s Access Panels has made them an industry favourite since they arrived on the scene in 2007.  Wallboard’s standard Access Panels allow access behind walls or ceilings where fire and sound rating is not required.  Each panel features accurate hinged movement, horizontal and vertical fixing lugs and a 1mm powder coated frame. Flanged and set bead edges are available. Choose between a slotted lock or tip latch on the metal panels or the 16mm MDF door with laminated finish equipped with budget lock.

Recently our range of access solutions has undergone an update.

Our panels remain the same great quality – we’ve just updated their appearance. Both MDF and Metal ranges have new packaging which we’ll admit – is much easier on the eyes. The new branding highlights panel specifications so you can find the panel you are looking for, faster.

“The panels are the same quality we’ve come to expect from Wallboard – but the improvements to the packaging have really cemented their position….”

No more scouring the internet – Wallboard has added both installation and painting guidelines to the back of every box. This change means that instructions are right where they need to be when panels are being installed. The painting directions are a new addition to Wallboard’s guidelines, designed to help trades work together to achieve the best possible finish.

“… it’s easy to see what they are and their specifications. Having installation and painting guidelines on the back is smart and convenient…”

Wallboard’s panels are still individually packaged but we’ve made some improvements to the physical boxes. The new boxes are made from a thicker cardboard material that is wax coated. This results in far stronger packaging, that is more resistant to damage during transport. To complement the new cartons – we’ve changed the way they’re sealed. The carton ends are now glued down with a super strong adhesive further improving the appearance.  Inside the carton, foam panel supports are heat wrapped under the flanged or set bead edges. This ensures the additional protection stays where it’s needed.

“… shrink wrapping the panels to the foam supports just looks better and makes us more confident that the product will get out to site in great condition..”

The Metal panels have been changed to white in colour to complement the MDF range and ensure consistency over the entire Wallboard Tools Access range.

These great new initiatives are currently rolling out across Australia – not all regions will have access to the new stock at the same time – but these improvements are on the way!

What’s next for Australia’s favourite range of access products? Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram to be the first to find out.