The key to installing Trim-Tex L Beads

Trim-Tex Super and Giant L BeadTrim-Tex Super, Giant and Oversized L Beads are by far the best solution for finishing window and door returns. They are lightweight but robust and made from impact resistant PVC that won’t corrode in exposed areas.

When installing these beads it’s important to follow a few key guidelines to ensure the quality of finish and the durability of the trim.

Pre cut all parts leaving some clearance. You may have to bend the pre-scored marks several times before you can tear at your desired width

Slip on Finish Trim (if required) and use Mitre Marker to mark any bullnosed beads

Apply Trim-Tex Acrylic Caulk in 2 or 3 thick, continuous beads (that’s 1 continuous bead for every 50mm of return)

Align L Bead and apply firm pressure to fit

Staple mud leg to the wall every 200mm

Adjust Finish Trim to fit tight against frame

Extend Archway L Beads past the arch by 400mm to join on a flat surface

Float and tape all butt joints and caulk corner joints and along frames

For more thorough instructions including informative diagrams simply download the installation guideline below.

>> Download the Super, Giant and Oversized L Bead installation guide