Telpro is Back

The Telpro Panellift is back at Wallboard Tools and we’ve extended the Telpro range to include the multi purpose Telpro Material Cart.

The Telpro Panellift is one of the industry’s leading brands when it comes to lifting plasterboard sheets. It assembles in seconds with no tools required for easy one person operation when loading plasterboard to walls and ceilings. With a load capacity of 68kg and a standard reach of 3.35m if you’re looking for an easy to operate, heavy duty panellift it’s right here.

Designed as a plasterboard cart the Telpro Material Cart is more than that, it converts to a flat bed cart to move more than just plasterboard around the job site. It has a sturdy 1360kg load rating and is light enough to carry for one person. Since it comes standard with a braking swivel lock caster, tight corners and narrow spaces are easily maneuverable.