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Tapepro - All Australian Automatic Taping ToolsTapepro Tools are the only automatic plastering tools predominately made in Australia to suit the Australian market. Although Tapepro Tools were originally based on the US designed “Premier” tools range plenty of local ingenuity has since been incorporated to ensure Tapepro’s market leadership in Australia.

The Tapepro range is extensive and comprises everything from the automatic taper with the unique “quick release” head design, through to the popular Mud Box, flat boxes and corner boxes, full range of handles, corner finishers and glazers, corner rollers and compound tubes with attachments. But what ensures Tapepro’s market position is the regular flow of new or improved tool models developed locally through engaging with Australian contractors. A few recent additions are the “Booster” auto boxes, adjustable inside applicator, flat tear-away applicator, outside corner rollers and flat box reducer plate.

Tapepro Tools delivers contractors peace of mind knowing the tools are designed and built in Australia. Many tradespeople also value Tapepro Tools commitment to servicing and repairing their tools locally in the same facility and by the same people who manufacture them.

We’re proud in the knowledge that Tapepro Tools are valued on the world stage with the tool range exported to more than a dozen countries. That’s Australian ingenuity improving plastering processes not just here but internationally!

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