Tapepro Booster Automatic Boxes “take the strain out of boxing”

Tapepro Booster Automatic Boxes take the strain out of boxingThe Tapepro Automatic Booster Boxes are much more than regular Flat Boxes. The lids are spring loaded which helps to force joint compound out of the tool and onto the joint. This makes the Booster Box much easier to push, a particularly handy feature for out of position or difficult to reach areas. Basically – they’re designed to take the force out of flat finishing.

Gary Holt from Gary Holt Plastering recently trialled the 300mm Booster Box and was so taken with it, he almost instantly ordered one for himself.  After using a Tapepro Booster Box for the first time Gary talked to us about his experience.

As most plasterers are aware the 300mm box can be a bit of a beast to run, but not so the 300mm Booster Box.  Now that I have the Auto Box I don’t dread using the big box….”

This wasn’t Gary’s first experience with the Tapepro Booster Boxes – he first came into contact with them at the Wallboard Tools facilitated work smart training. The 200mm Auto Box was on show during training – and it got Gary thinking.

Prior to purchasing his new 300mm Booster Box he boxed all his external corners – which, with a fully loaded, 300mm Flat Box, was quite taxing. Now with the Auto Box external corners are a lot easier to run, “it takes the strain out of boxing” Gary remarked.

It’s not just for boxing external corners though – Gary’s 300mm Booster Box has now almost totally replaced his traditional 300mm Flat Box – it even has a special shelf in his ute.

Tapepro Booster Boxes are available in 200, 250 and 300mm – ask for them at your local Plasterboard Retailer.

Wondering how the Tapepro Automatic Booster Box can make your work life easier? Check out our short presentation by clicking here or read more by clicking here.

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