Taking the “force” out of flat finishing

Tapepro Booster Automatic Box - Auto BoxBooster Automatic Boxes from Tapepro have been designed to take the pressure off plasterers when coating flat joints – particularly the hard to reach ones. The secret is in the spring loaded lid. It forces joint compound out of the box reducing the power required by the operator.

Bill Coughlan, Wallboard’s technical adviser had his doubts when looking at the concept – thinking the Booster Boxes were more of a “gimmick” rather than a revolution.  Bill’s mind soon changed when he ran one of the first Booster Boxes. The only quote we could get out of him was “wow”. Bill was stunned at how much easier it was to run high flat joints – particularly with the addition of the Tapepro Twister handle. He mentioned “you still have to become familiar with the tool and the settings – but the Auto Boxes are great. They will help to further reduce the toll plastering takes on the body and extend contractors lifespans within the industry”.

Since the tools release in June – we’ve been fortunate enough to speak with and gather feedback from some of the contractors who have made the switch.

The new boxes made a big impression on Brian from B.E & R.E Reeves Plaster Linings in Brisbane.  Previously Brian had been using hand tools and traditional Flat Boxes to finish flat joints. He put the Booster Boxes to the test on horizontal flat joints at 2.4m. Brian was pretty happy with the results telling us “when using the Booster Boxes, all the pressure was taken off my arms and shoulders making them a pleasure to use”.  The Booster Boxes exceeded Brian’s expectations he even went on to say  “[in my opinion] they’re the greatest improvement since the introduction of setting boxes to the industry”.

Shane from Orange, NSW eagerly awaited the arrival of his 250mm Tapepro Booster Box – when it arrived he wasn’t disappointed! He said “it’s an awesome bit of gear, effortless and a lot easier to operate than I thought it would be”. He finished by giving Tapepro a big thumbs up for their newest innovation.

Finally, Gary from Wodonga got in contact with us after using the Booster Auto Boxes at Wallboard’s Work Smart training sessions in July. Gary said “I’m impressed! I ran another brands power assist boxes years ago and didn’t like them but the Tapepro ones are very cool”. He put the Booster Boxes to the test, running them at his highest reach (about 2.1m from the ground). The Booster made it easy – vertical joints were a breeze. Gary went on to tell us “there is no way in the world I could have done that with a normal box. I wouldn’t have been able to get the pressure on the lid”.

The consensus has been that the Booster Boxes allow contractors to work faster and for longer periods of time on flat joints. Plus they make short work of high, hard to reach joints.

Tapepro Booster Boxes are available in 200, 250 and 300mm – ask for them at your local Plasterboard Retailer.

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