Returning to his plastering trade after 10 years and needing to re-stock his tool case with automatic taping tools, Mat from Newcoast Plastering in Newcastle told us “the choice was easy and seemed smart to choose Tapepro”. He used recommendations from many other plasterers, the fact that Tapepro is Australian made, he can purchase it from his local distributor, has locally accessed support, servicing and repairs if he needs it and he did not have to wait for it to be shipped from overseas or pay any extra conversion fees. Time is money.

He remembers from his apprenticeship days that Tapepro was very reliable and easy to clean. Mat says that his 900mm Compound Applicator Tube is his favourite Tapepro tool as it is very versatile, he uses it to fill his flat boxes and with the MudShark attachment to tape in. He couldn’t choose which product improved his efficiency the most as he believes they all do, but thinks his corner roller is pretty awesome.