Super Sized L Beads

Super Sized L Beads

Super, Giant and Oversized L Beads from Trim-Tex are a great solution for finishing window returns and door jams.  They are made from flexible and impact resistant PVC making them durable as well as easy to cut, sand and paint. WallboardTools also stocks Trim-Tex Finish Trim, designed to be used in conjunction with any Trim-Tex L bead to improve the edge finish.

Due to the solid plastic return leg on the large L Beads – installation differs slightly from a standard Trim-Tex bead.

  • Pre cut all parts to fit the return. Leave 1.5mm clearance on ends
  •  Apply lines of 72-700 Bondaflex Caulk to beads return leg – 1 line for every 50mm of return. Ensure the adhesive covers Finish Trim, if used
  • Spray a liberal coat of Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive to the inside of the beads mud leg as well as the surface of the plasterboard where the Trim-Tex bead is to be installed
  • Align “L” Bead onto return and press into place using firm even pressure along the entire length of the return and on the mud leg
  • Staple through the mud leg of the Trim-Tex bead at 200mm centres maximum
  • Adjust Finish Trim to fit tight against window frame
  • Before paint, float and tape all straight butt joints, caulk corner joints and caulk along the window frame, see below for details

Check the “Downloads” section under “Technical” for Trim-Tex data sheets featuring detailed installation guides.

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