Limited stock of SkyStrider Stilts are now available from your local Wallboard Tools Distributor. These are the most popular plastering stilts currently on the market. Get in quick, don’t miss out.

The SkyStrider Stilts have a unique real life ankle design that allows for a more natural walking motion compared to traditional style stilts. The comfortable walking motion relieves stress and fatigue that can sometimes be associated with working on stilts for extended periods of time.  These premium quality stilts are designed specifically for plasterers to use at heights allowing them to easily move around the job site without the need for bulky scaffolding, ladders and planks.  


  1. Comfortable calf cuff pad with adjustable calf straps that lock
  2. Adjustable, locking ankle and toe straps
  3. Ankle spring can be adjusted to match user weight to improve walking motion
  4. Rubber sole on foot plate designed for better traction and longer usage
  5. Heel bracket can be adjusted to 3 different settings for various foot sizes
  6. Flip and lock system allows each stilt leg to be set to optimum height
  7. Maximum weight capacity – 102 kgs (including tools)