Safety on Stilts

Before using stilts you must identify, assess and control the risks relating to the work area layout, work area condition, the work activity to be undertaken as well as the tools and equipment that will be used. Once this is completed, then develop, through worker consultation, safe work procedures. Implement and monitor the risk controls and, in particular, ensure that only a competent person uses stilts.

Ensuring a safe work environment and identifying the risks involved when using stilts is second only to a competent person thoroughly inspecting all parts daily, identifying and replacing any faulty or worn parts with only genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer immediately.

Stilts are used to reach higher places without the use of scaffolds, trestle or planks giving the user much greater control and movement. Poor stilt maintenance can lead to an increased chance of falls. Examples include a broken or loose foot or leg strap, a wing nut falling out of a stilt, a broken spring and a broken leg bracket. By training ourselves to inspect the stilts each time you put them on you will reduce the chances of an accident. Always remember to throw out stilts that are not safe, it’s not worth the risk.

Genuine replacement parts for Wallboard Stilts and Dura Stilts are available. Download spare parts diagrams in our technical download section.