Quality Corner Finishing – with the CFP-75 finisher

The CFP-75 Corner Finisher is trending at Wallboard Tools.

Originally released in 2011, the CFP Finisher was designed to provide a more economical alternative to the traditional, “all metal” finishers. Tapepro’s traditional finishers and the CFP model have many similarities – they’re both designed to glaze off the first coat of compound or apply the second coat. They share the same geometry with stainless steel frames and super hard cemented carbide blades. The body on the CFP-75 however, is high strength, industrial plastic reducing the physical weight and cost without sacrificing the finishing quality these tools are renown for.

“…a big advantage in my opinion is the weight. The CFP-75 attaches to the [compound] tube tightly and at the correct position to go into the corner. The metal heads have the tendency to flop about and never be exactly where you want them…”

While the CFP Finisher can fit on to the Corner Box, it was designed to be used on either the Corner Finisher Handle as a glazer or a Tapepro Compound Tube as a finishing head. The blades of the CFP-75 are slightly radiused but what does that actually mean? The blade apex has a radius that matches the apex of the 55mm Straight Glazer so that it doesn’t catch the paper tape or dry compound.

The Tapepro CFP-75 Corner Finisher

Recently we spoke to Colin about why he made the switch to the CFP-75 Finisher – and why he’s not switching back anytime soon.

“I like simplicity – it’s a big factor for me. I personally use the CFP-75 with the 600mm Compound Tube. It means I don’t need a pump. Other corner finishing tools I’ve used can be difficult to run if the mud’s not quite thin enough – with the CFP-75 and 600mm tube combination the mud can be a little thicker. This gives me a nicer, fuller and more even coat with less mess, defects and shrinkage. The 600mm tube holds more than other corner boxes, that means less time back and forth, bent over awkwardly filling with the pump.”

Tapepro Corner Finishers | Side by side comparison

Colin is a long time taping tool user and has used just about every combination possible, including Corner Boxes, Mudrunners and traditional metal finishers.

“…I have been using the auto tools for about ten years I guess. In that time I think I have tried almost everything, every method. I’ve done a lot of research and found that few tools stand up to the CFP-75 and 600mm Tapepro Compound Tube.”

Like with most automatic taping tool systems, Corner Finishers can take a little while to get used to. There are plenty of tips and tricks that make achieving the perfect finish faster and easier.

“When running the tube try not to just shove the piston and tube and head into the wall, rather its a motion of holding, almost floating the tube in the corner. Yes push the piston in but also using your hand holding the head end of the tube to pull back a little. Practice this and you will soon find yourself gliding along very smoothly…”

We’d like to thank Colin for taking the time to talk to us about his experience with the CFP-75 and Compound Applicator Tube and also sharing some fantastic photos which you can find in the gallery below.

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