Protect Your Finishing Tools

The new Tapepro Boxer Kits retain all your finishing tools conveniently in one place and well protected in the durable, shock resistant waterproof tool case designed to extend the life of your tools.

Finish first with Tapepro Boxer Kits with 4 convenient options to choose from. Included in the Boxer Kits is a combination of your favourite flat box series with either the traditional Blue2 or T2 Flat Boxes from the trusted Tapepro range. Complimenting the flat boxes is the compact Shorty Handle and the Recess Plate that converts your 200mm flat box width to 140mm.

Combined with your choice of Flat Box the Shorty Handle fabricated with a push plate and control grip puts the perfect mix of power and precision in your hands. Its compact size makes it much more convenient in tight spaces like cupboards, toilets and hallways – it also changes your body position when operating the Flat Box.  This change in body position makes working on scaffolding and stilts easier and safer.

Fill recesses on flat joints better and faster with The Recess Plate – a great accessory for your 200mm Tapepro Flat Box. The Recess Plate is designed to be fitted to a Tapepro 200mm Flat Box reducing the finished width to 140mm. The Plate fits under the edge of the skids and is retained by spring pressure on the wheel axle.

It’s perfect for filling the recess after taping and provides a clean machine finish with a feathered edge at the shoulder of the recess.


Find out more here and to pick up your Boxer Kit search for your local distributor here.

These great new Kits are currently rolling out across Australia.

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