Flat Box Overhaul Kit Tapepro

Flat Box Overhaul Kit Tapepro

Give your Flat Box a total overhaul at home. The FBK03 Overhaul Kit includes all wear items on a Blue2® or Booster Automatic Flat Box. Use this kit when the brass blade holder is broken or damaged and the box has been used for an extended period. The Overhaul Kit is available in three sizes (depending on your Flat Box size) so please specify a size when ordering.

  • 1 x F025*: Pressure plate axle : x1
  • 2 x F008: Nyliner
  • 1 x F009*: Blade
  • 2 x SA051: Thumb screw
  • 2 x AT062: 4-40 X 5/16″ screw
  • 1 x F030*: Pressure plate wiper
  • 1 x F017*: Axle wiper
  • 1 x F006: Skid
  • 1 x F024: Skid
  • 2 x FA020: Tyre and wheel
  • 2 x F032: Bushing
  • 4 x F007: 5-40 X 1/8″ BH screw
  • 1 x F039*: Blade holder
  • 4 x F044: Blade holder tab
  • 1 x F034: Spring
  • 2 x F028: 10-32 wing nut
  • 2 x F042: Pressure plate spring
  • 2 x AT042: 4-40 X5/16″ screw

*these items are size specific – please check your size flat box and quote when ordering an Overhaul Kit

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