Self Adjusting Bead Roller Tapepro

Self Adjusting Bead Roller Tapepro

Tapepro’s Self-Adjusting Bead Roller is ready to make any angled corner bead from inside 90º to outside 90º  extremely easy to bed in! It automatically adjusts to the angle required, so no manual setting is needed.  The unique flexible bands provide spring action and increased control, while the larger rollers spin slower for less compound flick. It’s also perfect to use on extendable handles, with a very stable operation.

  • Roller automatically self adjusts for all angle corner beads from inside 90º to outside 90º
  • No manual setting required
  • No tipping, stable operation – Perfect to use with an extendable handle!
  • Minimal compound flick
  • Flexible bands for spring action and control
  • Use with No-Coat 325 & 450, Trim-Tex, Strait-flex, Paper faced Metal Beads + more
  • Made from CNC machined billet aluminium with acetal rollers for performance and durability
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 11 cm

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