New arrivals – Sanding Pad 5 Packs

Wallboard has your Power Sanding options covered.

Back in 2008 when Super Pads were supplied in 25 packs Wallboard Tools developed and released the first convenient Super Pad 5 packs for those plasterers who don’t sand large scale on a regular basis.

Power Sanding with Wallboard Tools

Since introducing these hang packs our range has grown into the most comprehensive Power Sanding abrasives collection available. It now also consists of the German made JSD Super Pads and Mesh Discs and for those looking for super fine results the Finnish made Super Mesh fits the bill.

Power Sanding with Wallboard Tools

Choosing your most suitable Power Sanding option is made easy with 4 different styles covering many different grit types.

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>> Download the Power Sanding Options product flyer
>> Wallboard Super Pad 5 packs
>> Wallboard Super Mesh 5 packs
>> JSD Super Pad 5 packs
>> JSM Mesh Discs 5 packs

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