Mould Resistant FibaFuse – The Alternative to Paper Tape

FibaFuse is ideal for use in high-humidity and moisture-prone areas. This innovative alternative to paper tape will give you a smooth finish eliminating blisters and bubbles common with paper tape. The 50mm joint tape can be installed both by hand or more efficiently with Automatic Tools like the Tapepro Mud Box or Automatic Taper. The open structure of the fibres means greater joint compound penetration resulting in a superior bond and a stronger joint. 

FibaFuse has been described as a game changer in the industry with plasterers utilising it more often, with less call backs. FibaFuse was listed in our Top 10 Hot Products for 2018 for good reason. It’s not only easy and efficient to use, the joints are remaining in tact, solid and strong where other tapes have failed.

Originally only available from Wallboard Tools in the 50mm – 75m roll for joints and corners, we now have the 150mm – 22m and 914mm – 45m rolls in stock that could save you time replacing plasterboard sheets, as they are perfect for patching and repairing large areas that are damaged due to cracking, old plaster or wallpaper removal.