LIMITED EDITION SLAYER KITS: Bigger case, bonus adaptor & local love

Limited Edition Slayer Kits:
Bigger Case, Bonus Adaptor, Local Love! 🇦🇺

Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kit Tapepro
Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kit Tapepro

We’re excited to announce an exclusive offering from Wallboard Tools, your trusted supplier of Tapepro Drywall Tools. The LIMITED EDITION Slayer Corner Kit. This kit features a larger, rugged black case (1310mm) AND a bonus Short Handle Adaptor! This offer is exclusively for Australia only. 

In the Limited Edition Slayer Kit, you’ll discover:

Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kit Tapepro 1 (TKP-SCK1)
Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kit Tapepro 2 (TKP-SCK2)

Why Exclusive for Australia only?

  • Local Appreciation: We take pride in being Aussies, and we believe our mates deserve something special. This offer is our way of saying cheers to hardworking plasterers across this great country.
  • Supporting Local Tradies with Aussie-Made Excellence: By grabbing the Limited Edition Slayer Corner Kit, you’re not only getting top-notch tools, but they are also Australian-made ones. Tapepro designs and crafts these tools right here in QLD, Australia! 

This exclusive offer is available until stock runs out in stores and these kits will be flying off the shelves. Head to your nearest Wallboard Tools distributor across Australia (pretty much any local plasterboard store – but can check one closest to you here), secure your Limited Edition Slayer Kit and elevate your corner finishing game.