Trim-Tex 13mm Archway L Bead

Earlier this year we had a change to product 72-3299. This trim had a 16mm return which could be adjusted to 13mm by way of a scored leg which could be snapped off at 13mm. The ability to adjust 72-3299 was removed in January.

We have good news! A new 13mm only Archway L Bead has just landed at Wallboard Tools. 13mm Trim-Tex Archway L Bead is designed for finishing columns and free form plasterboard design features. It’s made from lightweight, flexible PVC and create curves with a 450mm outside or 300mm inside radius. While 13mm Archway L Bead is a great solution for around duct work, piping or curved walls it really comes into it’s own when producing layer features using 13mm plasterboard. 13mm Archway L Bead has a 28mm mud leg and is available in a carton of 50, 3 metre long pieces. This trim is installed with Trim-Tex Adhesive Spray and 10mm staples.

Trim-Tex 13mm Archway L Bead

Ask your distributor about this new bead today by quoting the product code 72-3288.

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