It’s Here! The EXTENDABLE SuperLite Flat Box Handle


Lightweight and good looking. The Tapepro SuperLite Extendable Flat Box Handle has arrived!


Not only is it lightweight and tough but it’s a great looking piece of hardware that will improve the appeal of any Flat Box combination.

SuperLite Extendable Flat Box Handle

What makes it lighter? The design of the components and the inclusion of carbon fibre has brought about significant weight savings without sacrificing strength. This almost 15% weight improvement can mean a lot when lifting a loaded flat box for hours on end.


Add to this the textured feel of the filament wound carbon fibre tube that provides a non-slip surface for a superior grip. The carbon fibre won’t heat up in summer or cool down in winter making it as user friendly as possible.

SuperLite Extendable Flat Box Handle

The reliable “all position” brake and the 4 locking points for the extension that is capable of 980-1600mm movement ensures the user the most comprehensive list of features available in a Flat Box Extendable Handle.

SuperLite Extendable Flat Box Handle

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