Introducing the Slayer Internal Corner Kit from Tapepro

Apply joint compound, bed-in tape then perfectly glaze and feather internal corners with the Slayer Corner Kit. The Slayer Kit from Tapepro Drywall Tools is the most comprehensive set of automatic tools for internal corners on the market today. It includes every tool you need to take on internal corners from start to finish. Not only does the Slayer Kit make the process of taping and setting internal corners faster but it also reduces stress on the body when compared to traditional methods.

The Tapepro Slayer Corner Kit

What’s included:
• 1200mm Tool Case
• Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube
• Tapepro Applicator Head
• Tapepro Straight Glazer 55mm
• Tapepro Straight Glazer 75mm
• Tapepro Corner Roller with 960mm Handle
• Tapepro Corner Finisher Handle 960mm

The Tapepro Slayer Corner Kit

What it does:
• Draw compound straight from the bucket with the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube
• Attach the Applicator Head to the Compound Applicator Tube to dispense the correct amount of base compound to 90º internal corners before fitting paper joint or corner tape
• Bed-in tape using the Tapepro Corner Roller
• Glaze off the first coat of compound using the Corner Finisher Handle and 55mm Straight Glazer then allow the corner to set and dry
• Using the Applicator Head and Compound Tube apply finishing compound to the corner
• Finish using the Corner Finisher handle and 75mm Straight Glazer

The Tapepro Slayer Corner Kit

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