Good things come in SHORT packages

The Shorty Handle from Tapepro has been available for a little over three weeks – and it’s already creating a buzz!

Tapepro has broken the mould of the “traditional” Flat Box Handle with the Shorty. It’s overall length is only 250mm making it the perfect solution for tight spaces or smaller jobs like renovations. The change in body posture (bringing the body closer to the Flat Box) makes operating the Shorty easier and safer when working on stilts or scaffolding.

But don’t take our word for it – check out some of the early feedback we’ve been receiving:

It’s an easy handle to just pick up and use – great for introducing my apprentice to using a Flat Box”
Sean Smith

Sean was one of the first people to use the Shorty from Tapepro. The more he used it, the more he liked it. He was particularly impressed with how easy it was for his apprentice to just pick up and use. Taking the brake out of play and getting the body closer to the box has enabled him to start his apprentices on boxes sooner – with great results.

Shorty Handle Review Shorty Handle Review Shorty Handle Review

“There’s a problem with my Shorty Handle…. it’s so good I don’t think I’m going to use a traditional Flat Box Handle on flat joints again…”
Graham Verrall – Verall Interiors

Graham loves trying new tools – he picked up a Shorty very soon after it was launched. We were a bit concerned when he called in to say that he was having problems with it. The problem was the Shorty was too good. He didn’t just love it for tight spaces – it performed well on flat joints and he loved working with it on scaffolding. Graham even noticed slight improvements in finish.

He was so impressed he filmed a short testimonial clip for us – check it out below.

Best box handle I’ve ever used, easy to maneuver and easy on the body. Miles ahead of competitors short handles”
Brendon Freeman

Brendon took to Facebook to tell us about his experience with the Shorty. He told us that he felt the push plate was perfectly positioned and the design was well thought out.

Have you tried a Tapepro Shorty? Let us know what you thought! Leave a comment on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

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